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Welcome to Top Garage Door Repair in Nashville TN

Top Garage Doors is a hub for quality doors and related services for the garage in homes and commercial centers. Our company is grounded on the principle of quality, efficiency, affordability and professionalism.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is customer oriented, as we seek to add value to homes and commercial enterprises, by providing products and services for the doors of the garage that meet the needs and desires of our esteemed customers. Our vision is to make our quality products and services accessible to all for maximum safety of valuable properties in the garage.

Why should you choose us?

Let us be real, family or company cars are among the most expensive assets you have ever invested in. We ensure that your cars are secure by providing the following products and services.

Superior quality garage doors

At Top Garage Doors Company, we supply superior quality garage doors. We have a team of skilled and experienced technicians whose role is to design and manufacture different types of doors for the garage. We provide automatic, chain and belt drive operated doors. In our company, you gain access to the following varieties of doors

Wooden doors
Steel doors
Overhead doors
Roll-up doors
Supply garage door motors and openers

Having no access to spare parts is a disaster that every garage owner dreads to face as this may call for door replacement bringing about unplanned expenditures. We are here to save you from this nightmare by providing motor and door openers. Accurate assessment is normally done by our technical team in order to ensure that you get the motor or opener that suits the type of the door installed in your garage. The assessment is either done on the site or discussion via phone

Installation services

Successful installation process determines the functioning and durability of the garage doors. The installation process can be dangerous leading to serious injuries and that is why we make our technical team available to install the door in your garage safely and professionally.

Repair and maintenance services

We offer timely repair and maintenance services aimed at retaining the original quality of the garage doors for a long period. These services are extended to our customers and those who have existing doors from elsewhere. Repair and maintenance services include;

Repair for garage doors, motors and openers.
Replacement of doors, motors and openers.
Treatment of wooden doors with silk wood oil.
Maintenance of steel doors.

The maintenance schedule is customized to suit individual customers’ needs and desires.


We pride in providing garage doors and services at the best rates in the market without compromising the quality. Added to a single price package of the products and services, are free quotations and consultation services with personalized executive customer care services.

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